Suckoo: ‘There is no motion’ against premier

Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo

Cayman’s legislators continued to distance themselves from rumours of a no-confidence motion against Premier Alden McLaughlin over the Domestic Partnership Bill.

Opposition member and Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo wrote Thursday evening, “there is no motion,” in comments posted to his Facebook page.

“For the record, I am not involved in a call for a No Confidence motion against the Premier. I have had no discussions, meetings or otherwise with anyone on this subject, including my Opposition colleagues, and I am not affiliated with the person(s) behind this petition. Truth be told I have no idea who they are,” Suckoo wrote.

“My focus remains on my constituents and the wider Cayman Islands and should the people of Newlands decide that I am deserving of the honour of continuing to serve them after May 2021 then God will continue to direct me in how I can best serve this country. I hope this clears up any speculation and or confusion on where I stand in this matter.”

Rumours about a no-confidence motion arose earlier in the week, following circulation of WhatsApp message purporting to support Opposition Leader Arden McLean.

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It requested recipients encourage their representatives to “support the Opposition Leader filing a no-confidence-motion because of the Premier’s maladministration in handling the Domestic Partnership Bill”.

The message links to a petition supported by the Christian Association for Civics and Cayman Islands People-Initiated Referendums, and a survey attributed to the opposition leader.

Regarding the petition, McLean told the Cayman Compass, “This is a citizen initiative.”

The opposition leader has not confirmed if he is connected to the survey or the petition. On Friday morning, he told Radio Cayman that he was not encouraging the petitioners, but that he recognised their right to petition.

“I will not truncate them the way they’ve been truncated by the political directorate of this country,” McLean said.

During his Radio Cayman appearance, McLean also criticised permanent residents and the media as not having “Cayman at heart”.

“They have no interest in this country. They have no nexus to this country. Therefore, it is only their agenda. I’ve always advocated for ownership of news media to be made public. They do not want to self-regulate,” he said.

“And as soon as anyone in the … political directorate wants to have concern about the direction the media is taking the country, then they claim that there’s freedom of press. That’s what they claim. But we have to be aware of them because they are going to cause nothing but problems in this country.”

He added, however, that a previous Compass article that quoted him about the petition included exactly what he had responded with.

Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly also clarified by YouTube video her continued support for the premier, despite her break from the Progressives party in voting against the Domestic Partnership Bill.

“I sought and obtained permission to vote my conscience with the Domestic Partnership Law and that I did. It is no secret what my position has been. I voted against the bill. I, in no way, form, fashion or shape, voted against the honourable premier of this country or my colleagues in government,” O’Connor-Connolly said.

“I love my country too much to play political games. Irrespective of what has been issued in various corners in Cayman today, I wanted it to be known absolutely that I am still an integral part of the government, the united coalition government. I have no intentions whatsoever to do otherwise.”

The Christian Association for Civics had not sent a statement by press time to clarify questions surrounding the petition and survey.

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