Police have extended bail for the fourth time for the suspects involved in the alleged smuggling of an exotic pet known as a “sugar glider” into Cayman.

“The suspects’ bail has been extended until Oct. 4 and no charges have been filed as yet,” Collector of Customs Charles Clifford confirmed Wednesday.

According to earlier reports in the Cayman Compass, bail was granted shortly after the initial arrest in June, then again in July, August and now this month.

The 31-year-old man and the 26-year-old woman who were arrested and bailed after the animal got loose on board a Cayman Airways plane. The man who was arrested was earlier identified as Jimel McLean, son of East End MLA Arden McLean.

After the June arrest, a follow-up search at a Grand Cayman property by Customs and Royal Cayman Islands Police officers found a number of other animals not endemic to the islands, including snakes and a lizard.

A sugar glider is a small marsupial, in the same family as the kangaroo and the koala, with web-like membranes that stretch back from its paws, allowing it to glide (but not fly) through the air.

The six-inch marsupial is endemic to Australia and the southwest Pacific. It is sometimes owned as a pet.

It is illegal under the Cayman Islands Animals Law for any animal to be imported without a valid import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture.

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  1. Sounds like the Police are Judge and Jury on this case . Why after the 4 th time of hearing anything about this case , the Police have extended bail for the fourth time . Something is not right here , especially now hearing that there was also other non endemic snakes and lizards to the Islands are involved in this case .
    Why after the fourth time the Judge haven’t heard about this case yet ?

    Just look at what the green iguana are causing today . If Laws had been enforced there wouldn’t be that problem .
    This is why when you make good Laws , that the other part must be enforcement of the Laws . If not enforced what would be the sense of the Law .

  2. Maybe we should set a precident here . Do the same thing as what the illegal importer of sugar glider did , and see if you leave the Airport and go straight to the Court House . If they try to prosecute you then tell them , not until the first one that did is prosecuted and get the same charges .