Brac road paving continues

No plans for asphalt plant to go back to Grand Cayman

There are no plans to bring road paving equipment back from Cayman Brac in the near future, despite concerns from legislators that the lack of similar machinery was driving up the cost of road development in Grand Cayman.

District Administration Minister Moses Kirkconnell said the “asphalt plant” would stay on the Brac for at least the next two years to continue paving roads on the island and would then go to Little Cayman.

“It is not my intention to send that paving equipment to Grand Cayman in the near future. There is still plenty work to be done in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman,” he said.

East End legislator Arden McLean had raised concerns that the lack of similar equipment for laying asphalt in Grand Cayman meant that road projects on the island had to be delayed until private sector contractors were available. He added that this was also driving up costs and questioned how long it would take to complete the works on Cayman Brac.

Road resurfacing on the Brac started in 2010. At the time it was said to be the first time the island’s roads had been repaved in 30 years. Concerns were raised in a 2012 Auditor General’s report that the equipment was being used without authorization from the Legislative Assembly, to pave private car parks and driveways.

The issue of the paving equipment is a regular theme in the budget finance committee hearings each year.

Mr. McLean has raised the issue on numerous occasions and did so again Wednesday, saying government was “paying through the nose” to get paving done in Grand Cayman while the plant stayed on the Brac.

Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, legislator for Cayman Brac East, said the equipment was providing much needed roadwork as well as labor for people on the Brac.

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  1. Road work began in Cayman Brac in the year of 2010 , and the year 2017 the road work is not finished yet .
    How big has Cayman Brac gotten ? Then how can one Politician say what would be done with Government owned equipment, and the other 18 members have no say with such equipment ? What’s wrong with these Politicians ? Should the public tell them ? I guess that Little Cayman roads will take 25 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to pave .

  2. Cayman Compass . After you have writing and publishing an article
    that is saying that only two of the Cayman Islands Government Representatives have any say to what and where Government paving equipment can be used and stored . Under who’s authority does this equipment have to stay in the Brac and not utilized by the other Islands . How can Mr Kirkconnell and Ms O’Connor have so much authority over CIG equipment ? Is this equipment owned by the CI Government ?
    I will have to say that that alone is a great deal of incompetence and deserves a lot of criticism .

    Why do you encourage such behavior by not allowing the public to voice their own opinions on these kinds of Government Issues ?