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Lawmakers: Mass of bills to change ‘lives of generations’

Cayman Islands lawmakers are set to review and approve an unprecedented number of bills in the Legislative Assembly meeting that begins Tuesday, some of which involve complex, long-standing issues that have been before parliament for more than a decade.

Miller: Political party registration ‘makes no sense’

The North Side MLA who has spent the last seven years publicly opposing party ideology in local politics may be forced to join one before the May 2017 general election.

Independent LA members to host district meetings

The five independent members of the Legislative Assembly will begin hosting a series oftown hall-style meetings this week aimed at bringing voters up to speed on a number of issues parliament will consider when it meets next month.

EDITORIAL – When showing up isn’t optional

When PAC Chairman Ezzard Miller insists that witnesses show up when invited to appear before his legislative committee, he is absolutely right.

Warning over PAC ‘disrespect’

The chairman of Cayman Airways board of directors, Philip Rankin, was threatened last week with an official summons to appear before the Public Accounts Committee, as Chairman Ezzard Miller signaled his intention to get tough with reluctant witnesses.

New North Side farm roads in the works

Land owners in North Side have signed petitions for two farm roads to be built in the district. MLA Ezzard Miller told constituents last week that he expected to deliver the petitions to the appropriate ministry by Sept. 2, asking for the roads to be gazetted.

Story time at North Side Library

Summertime in the North story time will take place on Saturday, Aug. 13, at the North Side Library, featuring special guests North Side MLA Ezzard Miller and Virginia Foster, education officer, librarian and grants and awards committee secretary for the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

Public Accounts Committee: Needs Assessment Unit requires ‘major overhaul’

The Needs Assessment Unit, tasked with managing a number of social assistance programs, needs a “major overhaul,” according to the legislature’s Public Accounts Committee.

$13 million for seamen, veterans healthcare

The Cayman Islands government has budgeted to spend more than $13 million a year to cover 1,075 retired seamen, former veterans and their widows, according budget records.

Miller, McLean: No PR for Cayman’s ‘economic migrants’

Two independent opposition MLAs said they oppose granting permanent resident status to long-term Cayman Islands workers who do not have direct family connections to the islands, in comments made during budget debates over the past week.

MLA calls governor’s Throne Speech ‘pathetic’

Calling the annual speech that opens Cayman’s Legislative Assembly budget meeting “substanceless,” North Side MLA Ezzard Miller questioned Wednesday how the government had handled its budget process in recent years.

Minister: Hundreds on assistance waiting list

About 340 applications seeking permanent financial assistance are pending assessment by the government’s needs assessment unit, Community Affairs Minister Osbourne Bodden said Wednesday.

EDITORIAL – Democracy working as intended

The Speaker and the Premier are under no obligation to facilitate political grandstanding by minority MLAs eager to wrap themselves in the mantle of "parliamentary privilege."

Mangrove planting proposed to help tackle Kaibo erosion

The Department of Environment is proposing to plant mangroves in a bid to stop erosion of Kaibo Public Beach, attendees of last week’s North Side District Council meeting heard.

CCTV did not catch North Side burglars

Camera nighttime images are poor quality, police officers say

EDITORIAL – Ezzard versus ‘The Jordanian’ (and free speech)

When anybody defends their right to express their opinions, we take notice, listen carefully and almost always support them.

Political subversion alleged against ‘the Jordanian’

An outspoken Cayman Islands resident was accused in 2012 and again in 2014 of engaging in politically subversive activity by a lawmaker, according to government records obtained by the Cayman Compass.

Lawmakers told caucus makes government land sale decisions

An initial decision on which Cayman Islands government “surplus” properties would be put up for sale was made by the Progressives-led administration’s political caucus, a senior civil servant told lawmakers last week.

Progress reported on seaside park

Long-standing plans for a seaside recreational area in Old Man Bay should be at least partially realized by the end of the year.

Planning authority chairman agrees in principle to open meetings

Central Planning Authority Chairman A. L. Thompson, responding to criticisms from a 2015 auditor general’s report on land use planning, said he would not oppose opening planning meetings to the public and even televising the proceedings.

Governor: Audit reports must not face ‘long delay’

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has backed the prompt release of independent government audits once those are completed, following recent public comments that the process surrounding the release and evaluation of reports from the auditor general’s office may be changed.

Residents’ budget ideas invited

Residents of North Side are invited to submit their suggestions for government projects in the district during the coming financial year.

Audit report release, review process may be changed

The way independent reports of the Cayman Islands Auditor General’s Office are released to the public and considered by government is under review, the Cayman Compass has learned.

Manderson: Civil service must resist ministerial pressure

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson has vowed that civil servants who feel pressured or bullied into allowing elected ministers to take the reins of day-to-day...

‘No requirement’ for bills to go to political caucus

A long-awaited effort to reform government’s statutory authorities and companies is expected to go to the Progressives-led government’s political caucus in April, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said Wednesday.

Marathon public accounts meetings scheduled this week

A total of eight reports completed by the Cayman Islands Auditor General’s office between 2014 and 2015 will be reviewed in the space of three days this week.

Early election up to governor/premier

Although Premier Alden McLaughlin has not officially called for early elections, the Cayman Islands governor’s office has confirmed that it will give “great weight” to such a request if the premier resolves to take such a step.

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