MLA calls governor’s Throne Speech ‘pathetic’

Legislative Assembly
Ezzard miller
Ezzard Miller

Calling the annual speech that opens Cayman’s Legislative Assembly budget meeting “substanceless,” North Side MLA Ezzard Miller questioned Wednesday how the government had handled its budget process in recent years.

Mr. Miller said he recalled times during his previous terms in the assembly “when the whole country looked forward to” the governor’s annual Throne Speech.

“It is unfortunate that the Throne Speech has been diminished, relegated to such a substanceless speech as we’ve had in the last two or three years, particularly this year,” he said. “[The 2016 Throne Speech] is so short in length and substance, relevance, policy, guidance and plans that it can only be described as pathetic.”

In recent years, a brief Throne Speech by Governor Kilpatrick has been followed by a lengthy budget policy address from Premier Alden McLaughlin and then by a detailed review of government’s budget by Minister Marco Archer.

Mr. Miller pointed out that this year’s address to the House by Governor Kilpatrick was eight pages long while Mr. McLaughlin’s was 48 pages and Mr. Archer’s was 28 pages.

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Other issues arose during House proceedings Monday during the governor’s speech that Speaker of the House Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said amounted to “disrespect for Her Majesty’s government.”

Ms. O’Connor-Connolly declined to “itemize” the infractions she said occurred both inside and outside the assembly chamber Monday, but noted there was a procedure set out to address misconduct under the Legislative Assembly Standing Orders and that she would entertain any motion brought regarding the infractions.

During the ceremonial vote to accept the Throne Speech Monday, some lawmakers voted “no.” It was also noted that at least one legislator walked out of the chamber during the governor’s speech.

Ms. O’Connor-Connolly said she wished to record her “deep disgust for what transpired on Monday.”

No further discussion of the issue was heard during the assembly proceedings.

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  1. Without details, it’s hard to know what to think of this ‘disrespectful behaviour’, but I surely wish we could see more maturity and professionalism from our representatives, and that they would think before speaking. When I hear what many of our politicians say, their out-dated, uneducated, self-serving and prejudiced rantings, I feel embarrassed that these spoilt kids represent the people of the Cayman Islands on the national and international stage. Do we not have any younger people with a more modern outlook, and more worldly view to move the government of these islands forward to a better future?

  2. Cayman Compass where is the freedom of the press to be able to be in the LA for such meetings ? It sounds like the press was not present to cover it .
    It sounds like the Governor was told what to say , but was not told what she couldn’t say , and that was the part that got these politicians upset .
    But I would think that it’s very dangerous when the Governor can be bully around and disrespected like how this Governor has been.
    I will never forget these words by the premier , it’s time for a new kind of politics , said in the budget / dinner / fun raising speech article.