Miller, Ezzard

Name: Ezzard Miller

District: North Side

Affiliation: Independent



Investment body dormant for 15 years

A government committee that has the job of reviewing capital projects and making sure government can afford them has been dormant for some 15 years, according to statements made during Thursday’s hearing of the Public Accounts Committee.

EDITORIAL – Two leaders, opposing sides, shared priorities

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller may sit on opposite sides of the Legislative Assembly, but in their New Year’s messages, they appeared to be singing from the same hymnal.

Lawmakers ask for review of stock exchange hire

Opposition lawmakers raised questions Tuesday regarding the hiring process for newly appointed Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Chief Executive Officer Marco Archer, with some politicians opining that the legal process mandated for the appointment did not appear to have been followed.

Opposition: Combine poor relief, seamen’s and veterans payments

The Cayman Islands government plans to spend more than $36 million on poor relief, as well as stipends to former seamen and veterans over the next two budgets.

Third lawmaker backs limit on Caymanian status grants

Deputy Opposition Leader Alva Suckoo said Thursday that government should “strongly consider” limiting grants of Caymanian status only to individuals who were Caymanian by descent or who had received that status through marriage.

Speaker questions PAC role

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush noted a “concern” Wednesday that the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee had overstepped its role in recent months, wading into areas such as employment within the government service.