McLean, Arden

Name: Arden McLean

District: East End

Affiliation: Independent



Minister: Beach access in every district

Cayman Islands lawmakers agreed this week to set aside $10 million to purchase land, including beachfront properties and beach access pathways, for future public use.

Governor makes splash in East End

Governor Anwar Choudhury enjoyed a soaking at the Blow Holes in East End when he visited the district on Friday, April 13.

Ministers provide updates on East End development projects

Repairs and upgrades to the William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre in East End should be finished by the end of June, according to Infrastructure Minister Joey Hew.

Compass investigation: For select few, ‘no conviction’

In 2017, when nearly 6,800 criminal and traffic offenses were registered with the court, 245 offenses (a ratio of about 3.6 percent) were disposed of in the Summary Courts by way of “no conviction recorded.”

Guilty pleas in ‘sugar glider’ import case

Both defendants accused in the illegal importation of an exotic possum known as a “sugar gilder” last June pleaded guilty to some of the charges against them Thursday in Summary Court.

Grand Cayman’s trash problem continues to pile up

Residents and property owners are continuing to complain about inadequate garbage collection around Grand Cayman.