McLean, Arden

Name: Arden McLean

District: East End

Affiliation: Independent



Sugar glider pair bailed again

Bail was extended for the fifth time last week for a man and woman accused of smuggling an exotic pet, known as a sugar glider, into the Cayman Islands. They will find out later this month if they will face criminal charges over the incident.

Bail granted 4th time in ‘sugar glider’ case

Police have extended bail for the fourth time for the suspects involved in the alleged smuggling of an exotic pet known as a “sugar glider” into Cayman. “The suspects’ bail has been extended until Oct. 4 and no charges have been filed as yet."

56 police officers forced on leave

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has directed 56 officers to go on leave this year due to the officers accruing compensatory time far in excess of what’s allowed by RCIPS policy. By the end of last year, the 56 RCIPS personnel had accrued 51,914 hours of comp time valued at $1,166,087.
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EDITORIAL – ‘Naming names’ in the public interest

Expect more names to appear in this newspaper, not fewer. But we will never do so without extensive deliberation and, when necessary, before taking competent legal advice.

Independent legislators look to join new ‘unity’ government

The Cayman Islands new coalition government will have at least 13 members, possibly as many as 15, by the time it is sworn in Wednesday morning.

EDITORIAL – One Man, One Vote: Lessons learned from the election

Instead of making Cayman’s districts smaller, more numerous and more inward-facing, officials should have done the opposite: Make the entirety of the Cayman Islands one single district, and allow residents to vote on the same slate of candidates.