50 years ago: Visitors’ feedback stirs pride

In the Feb. 8, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Floris McCoy wrote:

“Recently Mr. Oliver E. Jones C.L.U. was in Grand Cayman. He is an Agency Manager of Manufacturers Life Inc. Co. The purpose of the visit was to give some training to Mr. Haig Bodden of this District. Haig has been a Life Underwriter since the middle of last year.

“Mr. Jones was deeply impressed by the friendliness and courtesy of Caymanians and hopes that the gentle touch will not disappear with the rapid growth of commercialism in these islands.

“Although this was his first visit he ascertained that the half has not been told about the natural beauty and attractiveness of this unique spot.

“Mr. and Mrs. Donald Armstrong from Port Richey, Florida took up residence in this district for 3 months.

“They came first to this island four years ago and this is their fourth visit. They have travelled widely in Europe, America and Canada teaching square and folk dancing. Mr. Armstrong served as an engineering test pilot for 12 years and they own a Radio Station in Port Richey. The Armstrongs enjoy the quiet and slow pace of living in Grand Cayman. During our conversation I would say that they said the same things mentioned by Mr. Oliver E. Jones and because of their wide experience of traveling they enjoy the privileges of an unspoiled island. We welcome this lovely couple to Bodden Town and will do our best to make them feel at home.

“There was a lovely gathering at the Bodden Town Church of God on Jan. 27. The special occasion was a welcome service for the Rev. Dewey Johnson and family. The Church was happy to have some of George Town and West Bay fellowship present, and appreciated the inspiring specials in song rendered. Rev. Compton Williams, the pastor, welcomed the Johnsons back especially to the church. Rev. Johnson is his remarks mentioned that he was happy to be at home again, after travelling quite extensively in the U.S.A. and Canada. He spoke of the Church, especially expressing his appreciation, by saying thanks for the fine cooperation with them as pastors and for the efforts put forward to become indigenous.

“The Church here wishes for them another successful tour, hoping they will be able to help in any way possible to fulfil the responsibility of the Church in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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