Central Planning Authority denies Dart helipad application

DoE CPA sumbmission
A habitat landcover map showing the area of the proposed helipad (orange). - Source: DoE submission to the CPA

The Central Planning Authority has denied an application by Arboretum Services Ltd., a company connected to Dart, to construct a helipad in North Side.

The minutes from the CPA’s Wednesday meeting were released today, confirming the request had been denied.

According to the agenda released by the CPA prior to the meeting, permission was sought to construct a 2,025-square-foot “recreational day-time use helipad”.

The proposed site is located off Hutland Road, in an area zoned as ‘agricultural residential’.

Included in the agenda was the original application letter from Arboretum Services  (DECCO Ltd.), stating that the facility would be “privately used and operated… with no plumbing or electrical requirements”.

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It further stated the helipad would not “be used for commercial purposes”.

A Department of Environment submission on the application noted the area is considered to be of ecological importance, “with Malportas Pond to the north and the Mastic Trail to the east”.

However, the DoE noted that the distance between these two areas and the helipad is “generally considered to be enough of a buffer to mitigate many of the significant concerns of disturbance to the ecology of the area”.

The department also said that the helipad proposal represents a “nuisance to surrounding land uses and residences rather than environmental concerns”.

In an objection letter highlighting such a ‘nuisance’, the issue was raised of a potential helicopter flight path encroaching on neighbouring parcels of land. Similarly, the objector listed as a concern potential liability in the event of an aircraft accident on the surrounding rights-of-way, for landowners and those who use the routes.

Noise concern and general disruption to vegetation and livestock were also cited, specifically in the context of how that would impact the value of the neighbouring land.

A second objection letter, with several signatories, proposed a meeting between the North Side community and relevant government agencies, which “current Member of Parliament Mr. Ezzard Miller has agreed to host”.

Addressing the objections, the applicant stated “there will not be a material adverse effect on the right for peaceful enjoyment of adjacent landowner’s land”.

It further stated the proposed site had been selected deliberately, “to pose little disturbance to adjacent properties”.

The CPA decision list released Thursday noted the project had been refused without any additional comments.

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