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DoE CPA sumbmission

Central Planning Authority denies Dart helipad application

The Central Planning Authority has denied an application by Arboretum Services Ltd., a company connected to Dart, to construct a helipad in North Side.

DoE calls for deferral of Dart hotel planning application

The Central Planning Authority is scheduled to hear an application for Dart’s 10-storey Hotel Indigo tomorrow, 16 Feb., without receiving input on the hotel's potential environmental impact because none of the National Conservation Council members have been officially reappointed.

Landfill pre-construction work set, but negotiations continue

Pre-construction work is set to begin on government’s long-awaited waste management plan, but a final agreement with the selected project bidder, Dart-led consortium DECCO, is still in progress, government announced Tuesday.
The George Town landfill, also known as Mount Trashmore

Half a century of Mount Trashmore

What started as an informal dump site in the 1960s has now become a protagonist in day-to-day life in Cayman. The Compass compiled a short history of waste management in Grand Cayman to explain how the island got to this point.

Rezoning application submitted to CPA

Dart’s construction company DECCO Ltd. has applied to rezone an area of land from neighbourhood commercial to hotel/tourism and public open space at the intersection of West Bay Road and the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

Letter: Looking forward to hearing more about Dart tower

Mr. Justin Howe, executive vice president of Decco, Dart’s Real Estate Development and Operations, spoke [last week] to the Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Forum.

Dart makes case for ‘iconic tower’

A five-star skyscraper resort that is instantly recognisable all over the world would signal strength, attract visitors and potentially draw billionaire investors to Cayman, according to Justin Howe, executive vice president of Real Estate Development and Operations for Decco, Dart’s development arm.

Cayman delegation attends cruise conference in Mexico

Senior government officials and representatives from Cayman’s tourism industry are attending the 24th annual Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Conference in Merida, Mexico.

EDITORIAL – Mount Trashmore: Good news, goodbye and good riddance!

After years of anxiety (and for this newspaper, reporting and editorializing) over what the Cayman Islands is going to do about the hulking health hazard known as the George Town landfill, residents can finally rest easy: The government has reached an agreement with the Dart Group.

50 people lose jobs after MEPCO closes doors

Contractor MEPCO shut down its operations this week and approximately 50 employees at the company lost their jobs, according to the liquidators who took over the business on Tuesday. MEPCO’s highest-profile project recently has been working on the condos at Dart’s new Kimpton Seafire hotel.

New Festival Green bridge at Camana Bay takes shape

The six giant beams that will form the backbone of a new bridge at Camana Bay swung into place this week. Using a large crane, Decco, Dart’s development management company, moved the 95-foot beams into place for the new Maris Avenue Bridge, which will connect the central island and Festival Green to the mainland.

Business in Brief: OECD signing ceremony for anti-tax avoidance project

Ministers and top tax officials from more than 30 countries will sign an international agreement at the Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development this week that will “significantly advance the fight against corporate tax avoidance,” the OECD said.

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