Letter: Looking forward to hearing more about Dart tower

In February, Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Dart's plans to build an "iconic tower" in the Camana Bay area. - Photo: Ken Silva

Mr. Justin Howe, executive vice president of Decco, Dart’s Real Estate Development and Operations, spoke [last week] to the Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Forum. We remember Premier Alden McLaughlin addressing us four months ago about Dart’s offer to build an iconic skyscraper in Grand Cayman.

Mr. Howe posited that this tower will be the tallest skyscraper in the Caribbean, and that it will be recognised the world over and bring billionaire investors to the Cayman Islands. He hopes the Cayman Islands government will partner in this development which will cost Dart Enterprises over $1.5 billion.

Dart developers have referenced iconic buildings in New York, Paris, London, Dubai and Singapore. Observation decks (Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower) are under consideration, as is a rooftop infinity pool. Dart Enterprises believes a five-star resort tower with residences will bring investors from the world over to Cayman. We know land on Cayman’s iconic Seven Mile Beach is scarce and expensive. Mr. Howe iterated, “This opportunity [the skyscraper] is to go and grow up, not out.”

In the meanwhile, we look forward to hearing further about this Dart initiative, as well as the Cayman Islands government’s proposed dock for mega-cruiseships in Hog Sty Bay. Wondering, too, how a skyscraper housing a five-star resort and residences to draw billionaire investors will weather a Cat 5 Hurricane?

Nan Socolow