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Premier’s Office promises update on ReGen, as financing deadline passes

An update on the ReGen waste-to-energy project is expected by the end of the week, the Premier's Office has said, as government responded to Opposition calls for transparency on plans for the George Town landfill.

DoE and Dart spar over environmental assessment requirement

The Department of Environment and Dart have locked horns over the requirement for an environmental impact assessment for a planned area development in West Bay.

Dart executive calls for environmental management plan

Dart's president of business development Jackie Doak made the the case for a national Environmental Management Framework to “provide clear guidance on how land can be developed, managed and protected” in the future.

Dart appeals Britannia ruling

The Dart group has filed an appeal of a Grand Court judgment which would compel the developer to provide golf and beach access to neighboring residents as a condition of its 2016 purchase of a suite of properties including the old Hyatt hotel and Britannia golf course.

Britannia owners’ golf and beach rights upheld in landmark case

The Dart group is required to provide beach club and golf course access to neighbouring property owners as a condition of its 2016 purchase of a suite of properties including the old Hyatt hotel, the Grand Court has ruled.

Lands Commission objects to Dart PAD application

The Public Lands Commission has registered a formal objection to Dart's proposed planned area development (PAD) for the area north of Governor’s Harbour.

Waste-to-energy: Expensive technology that aims to solve landfill problem

At the 5th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum, a discussion by waste-management experts highlighted the many challenges faced by countries in the region to deal with the waste they produce.
DoE CPA sumbmission

Central Planning Authority denies Dart helipad application

The Central Planning Authority has denied an application by Arboretum Services Ltd., a company connected to Dart, to construct a helipad in North Side.

Beware of Dart’s ‘vision’

As a long-time annual visitor to the Cayman Islands I feel I must reach out to you as a warning about Mr. Dart and...
Camana Bay

Dart outlines ambitions for Seven Mile corridor

Taller buildings in high-density areas, an extended network of footpaths and cycle trails and greater flexibility for ‘mixed-use’ development are all on the wish list of the Dart group for the future of the Seven Mile Beach corridor.

Opposition mounts over Dart’s latest new-town plan

Objectors are voicing their opposition to Dart's plan to create a major new development between the Cayman Islands Yacht Club and the Kimpton Seafire.

Dart’s Hotel Indigo gets building approval

The Central Planning Authority on Wednesday approved the planning application for Dart's new 10-storey hotel near Seven Mile Beach.

Health City and Dart to build $100 million hospital in Camana Bay

Health City Cayman Islands and Dart have announced plans to build a $100 million hospital, specialising in cancer and neo-natal intensive care, in Camana Bay.

CPA adjourns decision on Dart hotel for 2 weeks

Central Planning Authority Chairman A.L. Thompson has recommended that the planning body deliver a decision on Dart's application for a new 10-storey hotel even if the National Conservation Council is unable to convene and submit its views on the $80 million development.

Vandalised West Bay road sign removed

A National Roads Authority West Bay road sign was removed Friday after it was defaced by vandals.

Dart applies for development on either side of Esterley Tibbetts

Dart has submitted a planning application to create a mixed-use, resort and residential development that will span from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club to Seven Mile Beach.

Splash park planned for Kimpton

The Central Planning Authority has approved a plan for a children’s splash park at the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, which will be open to both the public and hotel guests.

Dart plans new 10-storey hotel

Dart and InterContinental Hotels & Resorts (IHG) announced Tuesday that they plan to build a 10-storey hotel by Seven Mile Beach.

Beach disappears as storms steal shoreline

Parts of Seven Mile Beach have disappeared in the aftermath of a series of storms, sparking concern about the long-term future of Cayman’s greatest natural asset.

Landfill pre-construction work set, but negotiations continue

Pre-construction work is set to begin on government’s long-awaited waste management plan, but a final agreement with the selected project bidder, Dart-led consortium DECCO, is still in progress, government announced Tuesday.

Dart withdraws offer for land to house new rugby club

Dart has withdrawn its offer to the Cayman Rugby Football Union to lease land at Camana Bay for the construction of new rugby club...

Dart to build new laundry facility

The Central Planning Authority has granted permission for Dart to build a centralised laundry facility in industrial Park off Sparky's Drive.

Cayman’s construction engine kicks into high gear

Cayman’s construction industry experiences a surge of activity post-COVID-19 lockdown.

Business in brief

Cartan Group LLC has hired Benjamin Marler as the company continues its expansion.

Hotel donates furniture to families in need

Furniture and appliances from the Comfort Suites hotel, which closed for renovation last month, is being donated to local charities to help families in need.

UPDATE: Smoke rising again from dump

Fire Service and Department of Environmental Health crews are working to excavate and damp down the site of what they called a small fire at the George Town landfill Wednesday morning.
Camana Bay

Dart CEO: We’re here to stay

Cayman’s largest investor, Dart Enterprises, issued a statement Tuesday emphasising its long-term commitment to the Cayman Islands.

Relief and optimism despite hotel closures

The boss of Cayman’s biggest resort says he and his staff are “blown away” by the “unprecedented” gesture from owner Dart Enterprises to cover staff salaries through the expected duration of the coronoavirus crisis.
Premier Alden McLaughlin

Premier says sorry for landfill fires

Premier Alden McLaughlin has apologised for the landfill fires that Cayman’s firefighters and Department of Environmental Health crews have been battling for the last three days.

Developer aims to cut traffic by cutting journeys

Cayman’s traffic congestion woes are as much about where people live and work as they are about the number of cars they own.

Work on Public Beach wall nears completion

The concrete wall bordering Seven Mile Public Beach along West Bay Road has neared completion despite public outcry over its height.

Landfill EIA planned for early 2020

An environmental impact assessment into the proposed facilities and programmes for the George Town landfill is expected to begin early this year.

Rezoning application submitted to CPA

Dart’s construction company DECCO Ltd. has applied to rezone an area of land from neighbourhood commercial to hotel/tourism and public open space at the intersection of West Bay Road and the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

Demand drives Camana Bay development projects

The latest expansion of Camana Bay with a five-storey office building to the west of Dart’s headquarters on Nexus Way and a 10-storey, for-lease...

Camana Bay expansion approved

The Central Planning Department has approved Cayman Shores Development Ltd applications for a new 10-storey apartment building and a new five-storey office block as...

New Sunrise Centre moves to design phase

The Education Ministry says plans for a new Sunrise Adult Training Centre are advancing to the design phase.

Outcry over Seven Mile Public Beach wall

Vandals have publicised their objections to a wall being constructed by Seven Mile Public Beach, calling for it to be taken down.
The George Town landfill, also known as Mount Trashmore

Work to begin on capping unsightly landfill

Work to cap and cover Mount Trashmore – Grand Cayman’s infamous landfill site – will begin early next year, according to a joint statement from government and the Dart group.

Alternative Investment Summit adds Ian Bremmer to editorial board

The Cayman Alternative Investment Summit 2020 announced the appointment of Ian Bremmer, president and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, to the conference’s editorial board.

Nearly $285,000 raised at Big Shave

It was another great turnout for Hannah’s Heroes Big Shave event in support of St. Baldrick’s Foundation childhood cancer research on Friday.

KAABOO cancelled

Following weeks of rumour and speculation, officials have announced that the largest music festival in Cayman’s history is a one-off.

Public beach playground closed until end August

The playground by the Seven Mile Beach public beach parking lot will be closed until Friday, 30 Aug., as work by Dart in the area continues.

UPDATED: Dart buys major stake in Cayman Islands Brewery

The Dart group has confirmed it has bought a stake in the Cayman Islands Brewery, which produces the island’s signature beers Caybrew and White Tip, among others.

UPDATED: Dart buys Comfort Suites hotel

Dart has entered into an agreement to buy the Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach hotel.

Dart is granted 3-D parcel for Camana Bay Tunnel

The Dart group has been granted permission to create a three-dimensional parcel above its tunnel on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

Chamber of Commerce dubs Dart tower ‘high-rise jungle’

Business leaders have spoken out against the Dart group’s plans for a so-called ‘iconic tower’ in the Cayman Islands, saying it is “not needed nor wanted” by the larger community.

Dart makes case for ‘iconic tower’

A five-star skyscraper resort that is instantly recognisable all over the world would signal strength, attract visitors and potentially draw billionaire investors to Cayman, according to Justin Howe, executive vice president of Real Estate Development and Operations for Decco, Dart’s development arm.

Eco-resort planned for East End’s Barefoot Beach

The Dart group is supporting plans for an eco-resort featuring 89 cottages at Barefoot Beach in East End.

Dart donates official codebooks to assist aspiring electricians

Dart has donated the official textbook of the National Electrical Code to the next class of electricians who must study the code to sit the Cayman Islands Government Electrical Licensing Exam.

Dart plans ‘iconic tower’ for Cayman

Dart Enterprises is planning to build a tower that would “greatly exceed” Cayman’s current 10-story height limit on buildings, Premier Alden McLaughlin said at Thursday’s Cayman Economic Outlook conference.

EDITORIAL – A new day for Le Soleil D’Or and the Brac

Cayman Brackers and the rest of us received welcome news last week with the announcement that the Dart organization is in the final stages of completing the purchase of the luxury Le Soleil D’Or on the Sister Island.

Britannia owners hire legal team to fight for golf, beach rights

Property owners in the Britannia Estates development say they plan to “vigorously defend” their rights to use golf and beach facilities at properties now owned by the Dart group.

Dart plans temporary Seven Mile Beach bar

The Dart group hopes to turn a cottage on the old Coral Caymanian property on Seven Mile Beach into a bar and restaurant.

Dart heads to court over Britannia beach and golf rights

The Dart group is seeking to free itself from restrictive agreements guaranteeing home owners in the luxury Britannia Estates development the right to use golf, tennis and beach facilities associated with its properties.

Barkers in the balance

Jutting like a crooked finger into the North Sound, Barkers peninsula offers a glimpse of what Grand Cayman might have looked like to the first settlers – the verdant island set in blue Caribbean sea, exalted in our national song.

Reshaping of Dart’s coastal land progresses

Bulldozers are sculpting and reshaping a large area of land bordering Seven Mile Beach as the Dart group makes headway on a series of projects.

Chess champ Hou Yifan wins 22 games at once

Four-time women’s world chess champion, Hou Yifan, took on 22 challengers in the Cayman Islands this week and emerged victorious in every game.

Festival site approved ahead of KAABOO

The Dart group was granted planning permission Thursday to create an event site that will be used to host the forthcoming KAABOO Cayman festival and potentially other major concerts and events.

Financial services industry: Cayman’s ‘invisible’ giant

In 1960, the Cayman Islands could not have been further removed from its status today as a small but prominent global financial center. At the time, the Cayman economy still largely relied on seamen’s remittances, fishing, agriculture, shipbuilding and hand crafts. Airline services were limited and the tourism sector in its infancy.

Planning Authority explains Dart tunnel denial

The Dart group failed to demonstrate sufficient reason to justify extending the underpass it is building on West Bay Road, the Central Planning Authority wrote in a single-line explanation of its decision to reject the application.

Camana Bay celebrates a decade of development

A decade of Camana Bay has wrought major changes in the Cayman Islands, and the pace is unlikely to slow in the next 10 years.

EDITORIAL: ‘Minds Inspired’ sowing the seeds of Cayman’s future

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Author Jack London We often think of inspiration as something that...

‘Major expansion’ of Cayman International School planned

The Dart group is planning a "major expansion" of the Cayman International School, which is struggling to meet growing demand for places.

Cayman not eligible for Ten Island Challenge funding

The Cayman Islands could still be involved in entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Ten Island Challenge, though the territory is not eligible for grant funding from the renewable energy initiative.

EIA recommended for Dart beach rock removal

An environmental impact assessment should be carried out before Dart Real Estate is allowed to move beach rock from the shallow coastal waters off Seven Mile Beach, the Department of Environment has advised.

Dart supports YMCA as corporate founder

Trinity has been named Best Offshore Hedge Fund Administrator at the Hedge Week Global Awards. “We are absolutely thrilled with winning this award and give thanks for the support of every one of our clients in achieving it,” Trinity CEO John McCann said. “For Trinity it represents recognition from the marketplace for our sustained innovation, our ongoing investment in technology and the continued depth of knowledge and dedication of our staff in adapting and responding to an ever-evolving industry.”

Dart tunnel project approved

Dart Real Estate confirmed Thursday it had been granted planning permission for a second underpass west of Camana Bay. The work will essentially transform a stretch of West Bay Road, close to Royal Palms, into a tunnel.

Rock removal trial begins on Seven Mile Beach

The Dart group began removing slabs of beach rock from the waters off Seven Mile Beach on Wednesday at the site of a planned five-star resort.

McEnroe, Courier, Seles returning to Cayman for Legends tournament

Tennis stars John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Monica Seles and Daniela Hantuchova will be the headliners at next year’s Legends tournament in Camana Bay. The event will return to Festival Green on Friday evening, Feb. 17, and will include men’s singles and mixed doubles.

Hailed as ‘jewel’ of tourism sector, Kimpton opens doors

Immediately hailed as a “new jewel” of Grand Cayman’s tourism industry, the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, opened for guests on Tuesday. The 266-room hotel has been four years in the making.

Dart plans next phase of Camana Bay expansion

Developer Dart Real Estate has submitted a planning application for an underpass along West Bay Road, the next phase of its ambitious plan to expand Camana Bay and create “sea-to-sound” connectivity between the Town Centre and Seven Mile Beach. A first underpass for the re-routed Esterley Tibbetts Highway has already been built.

Dart awarded for registering most participants in 5K walk/run

The Dart group of companies, with 45 members of staff taking part, won this year’s Lions Club of Tropical Gardens Brenda Tibbetts-Lund Memorial Walk/Run Challenge Cup.

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