50 years ago: Scott sisters visit Brac after 49 years away

In the March 8, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“Two seamen of Spot Bay, sons of Elder and Mrs. Carl Scott, left on Sunday 26th for New York via Grand Cayman. Roosevelt (Dinks) will visit with family there while Evelyn (Prince) is to sit for his third Mate’s licence. Both are with National Bulk Carriers Inc.

“Guests with Mrs. Valerie Marson of the West End have been her cousins, Mesdames Ruth Scott and Joyce Rumff of Mobile, Alabama. These sisters, daughters of the late Capt. Eldridge Scott of the West End are of the clan of the island’s first settlers. They enjoyed the island, especially visiting with the people who were so cordial and friendly.

“To quote, ‘Our visit to the [Secondary Modern] school was especially appreciated and enjoyed. We are happy to find such a lovely school. The children and faculty were most gracious to us. Sorry we did not get to visit the other schools in session, but we did take a look at West End Primary. It made us so happy to find the West End church filled to capacity for worship on both Sundays we were there. Despite the many changes in the 49 years since we left Cayman Brac it is still ‘home’ to us and we love the island and all the wonderful people who live here.’

“Mrs. Ruby Pegg, graduate of Lincoln School of Practical Nursing, California, 1965 and of the Metropolitan Nursing School of Infants and Geriatrics, New York, 1966, is a native of Creek and is very enthusiastic over the Cayman Brac hospital project. Engaged in private nursing in New York she took the last weekend of a vacation in Jamaica to be home with her family, Mr. and Mrs. Alford Scott of Cotton Tree Bay.

“Accompanying Mrs. Pegg were her nephew Gladstone ‘Trigger’ Black, sales representative of Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Limited, and little son, Richard, and a friend, Mrs. Lovita Levy of Kingston.

“Mrs. Levy (nee McCoy) is another Caymanian visiting the islands. Born in Bodden Town she went to Jamaica in 1933 where she married and has been resident. Some 30 years ago she visited the Brac. Now she would like to have a home here.

“Dr. Edlin Merren, dentist, held office at the Government clinic, Stake Bay, on Friday 3rd for a couple of hours in the interim of Cayman Brac Airways’ flight to Jamaica.”

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