Signs could save lives

Regarding the recent and past drownings, I think there needs to be more public awareness regarding these strong currents.

I have been in Cayman for 14 years and I am a strong swimmer, recreational diver and avid fisherman. I was with my niece a couple of years back snorkeling the south side of the island at Spotts Beach.

We were along the reef, and when we passed by the channel opening we were swept out by what seemed like an underwater river, out of protection of the reef, into the open ocean very quickly.

I could not swim fast enough to get back in and was starting to panic. We moved to the side and were able to grab onto some rocks and take a break and come back in from the side.

It was a scary moment because once you get blown outside of the reef you have the current that takes you west along the island at 1-2 knots.

I read over and over again about these deaths and wonder why there is no signage [for] public awareness.

Colin Wilson

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