A message in a bottle thrown into the sea in the Cayman Islands by a visitor last year ended up on a shore in Galveston, Texas, where the sender was born.

A story in the Galveston County Daily News on Friday reported that Johnny Garza stuffed a note with his name and contact information into a Tabasco bottle and tossed it into the sea.

More than a year later, two Galveston residents, Tommy and Felicia Barcelona, found the bottle on the rocks at the 10th Street jetty.

Finding the neck of the bottom too narrow to get the note out, they broke the bottle to retrieve the note, Mr. Barcelona told the Galveston newspaper.

Inside, they said, they found two rolled up sheets of paper — one was too wet to read, and another had Mr. Garza’s phone number and address on it.

Mr. Barcelona sent a text message to Mr. Garza, who responded in disbelief, telling Mr. Barcelona that he had been throwing bottles with messages into the ocean for years and had never received a response, the newspaper reported,

He told Mr. Barcelona that he was amazed to hear the bottle had ended up in the Gulf Coast island city of Galveston – his birthplace – 1,092 miles from Grand Cayman.

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