50 years ago: Political meeting outlines proposed constitutional changes

In the March 22, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, East End correspondent Charles Dixon wrote:

“A political meeting was held at the ‘Bright Spot’ on the 16th by MLA Mr. W.W. Conolly. He outlined to all present the constitutional change planned and its benefits.

“He said, ‘the general public have been greatly misinformed and led to believe that this is a move to attain full self-government. This is definitely not so. The kind of government we are after, at least for the present, is partial internal self government.’ Mr. Conolly made it quite clear to the fair sized gathering that he is not advocating a breaking away from England or anything of the sort, but he feels it is high time for a change.

“The gathering voiced their approval with shouts of ‘Let us have a change and have it now.’

“Mr. L. Bodden said a change at this time is as necessary as a baby needs to have a change of diaper.

“Mr. Conolly said, with partial internal self government, MLAs would be able to make their voices heard and get something done, instead of just making their voices heard. He also said that although the island has made remarkable progress over the past few years so to speak, public amenities still remain at a very low standard. The gathering thanked him for his explanation on the subject, and said that they will support him on this subject in whatever way they can.

“Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dixon are the proud parents of twins, born on the 11th of March. The boy tipped the scales at 7 1/2 pounds and the girl at 6 1/2 pounds. Mother and babies are doing fine.

“On March 18 a shower for the twins was held at the United Church Manse. They received a very large assortment of gifts from the residents.

“Messrs. Malcus Mc-laughlin and Roy Watler left on the 15th to work on the M.V. Chemical Trader.

“Messrs. Merlin Conner, Honton McLaughlin and Charles Rankin left on the 14th en route to Vancouver, Canada to join a ship.

“Mr. Vernal Fredrick returned on the 15th due to illness, after a short stay on the S.S. Imperial St. Lawrence.”

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