Continued erosion along the northern and eastern end of Kaibo Beach in North Side district is a concern of government, and potential fixes are being reviewed, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts confirmed Wednesday.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller raised the issue in a parliamentary question Wednesday. The beach erosion was noted during a district community meeting nearly a year ago.

Mr. Tibbetts said a solution to fix the erosion has been proposed, involving erecting a retaining wall using concrete blocks and then backfilling the eroded area with sand that continually washes up in the boat launch ramp section to the south.

The Public Works Department recommended hiring engineers with experience in the field to advise them how best to place the blocks for the retaining wall.

“This will have to be designed by engineers with experience in this field,” Mr. Tibbetts said.

In spring 2016, the Department of Environment proposed planting mangroves along the section of eroded beach, but concerns were raised among North Side residents that such a move might block access to that area.

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  1. The erosion of kaibo public beach . I have spent many of years going in there and seeing what was happening in that area . I brought this issue up in the Marine Conservation Meeting , which part of the marine conservation board was made of the DOE department and private citizens , and that was like speaking to the table that we all sat around .
    The reason why certain parts of this beach is eroding is because of the speed of boats that come in and out of this area.
    I think that this area is suppose to be marine park , and I think that law said that boating speed is not to exceed 10 mph in this area.

    I think that enforcement of laws would be more beneficial and better than putting down concrete and hiring marine scientists to tell you what I just said .

  2. I agree with Ron Clair Ebanks. The entire beach, from Rum Point to Kaibo Beach, is being eroded by high speed boat traffic. On numerous occasions I have witnessed jet skis racing at very high speeds, sometimes within yards of the shore, in that area and the wake created eats away at the shore line each time. Not only jet skis but other boats also need to slow down and reduce their wake until they are a safe distance from the shore. Besides the wake issue, the two hundred yard buoys marking the 5 mph zone are being completely ignored. I have seen boats and jet skis travelling parallel to the shore well within the zone apparently oblivious to the danger they present to swimmers and the wake they are creating.
    I would like to believe boat operators are not intentionally behaving irresponsibly and they just may not appreciate the damage and danger they are causing. Perhaps a Public Awareness Campaign to educate boaters is the answer.