Letter to the editor: State of Mission House ‘a crying shame’

It is a crying shame that the Mission House and its surrounding property have been left to go to rack and ruin. The National Trust should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. The property, i.e., the original house and the footprint, was donated to the National Trust by Fenwick Watler, owner, of blessed memory, as a remembrance to honor his parents. The original structure, having been left unattended year after year after he donated it, was laid flat by Hurricane Ivan. After some years, the Mission House was replicated. Family and people who were interested in seeing this piece of Cayman history be kept alive gave lovingly of their time and resources to make it into the beautiful “place of historic interest” that tells the story of the first Presbyterian ministers who lived there under very difficult circumstances.

To now see this important piece of our history continuing to be neglected after so much time, money and resources have been applied is more than a crying shame.

Hopefully, this article will jolt the Trust to giving the Mission House the honor and exposure that it rightly deserves.

Ella Kaye Lockwood,
nee Hislop


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