50 years ago: Visitors welcomed and dangerous driving highlighted

In the April 5, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Floris McCoy wrote:

“Mr. H.L. Barnes returned to New York after a few months at home.

“Nurse Solomon returned to Jamaica to further her studies in nursing. We wish for her great success.

“Jota, an Okinawan who spent some of his vacation with Mr. Churchill Wood returned to New York.

“Mr. Roy Bodden, student at Mico Training College spent his Easter vacation at home. Mr. Bodden spent much of his time studying. He is now completing his final work and our wishes for a very successful term go with him.

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“Mr. Edward Oliver of Wilton, Connecticut is spending some time at his residence here in Bodden Town.

“Mr. Haldane Bodden and Miss Janet Bodden, his sister, returned from Jamaica.

“Mr. Henry McCoy left to take the office as Steward on the Inagua Gulf. Coming home on Friday was Mr. Marcus Thompson, whom Mr. McCoy replaced.

“Mrs. James Lawrence spent one week in Philadelphia with her husband. She returned home on the 25th.

“Mr. Neevil McCoy and Mr. William Wood left on Sunday. Mr. McCoy will be taking the office of first assistant engineer and Mr. Wood junior third on the S.S. Ore Venus. They were both here to spend Christmas and we wish them a good year.

“Mr. Wilford Moore returned to his job. He is an employee of National Bulk Carriers.

“We would like to congratulate Mr. Dwight Carter and Mr. Harding Watler on their success in the recent passes of the GCE exams.

“The Bodden Town Youth Club met and had elections. The new president is Miss Andrea Solomon. Mrs. Armstrong is still working with the Club and reports a good meeting on Friday night. Officers in charge would ask the pre-teenagers to please not attend the Youth Club.

“The United Church had their annual Easter Programme on Easter Sunday night. There was a variety program of singing, recitations and a play entitled, ‘When the Morning Comes.’ This was a good programme and we congratulate the children for doing so well and the leaders who gave their time to work with them.

“There was a lovely gathering at the Bodden Town Church of God on Sunday night when the young people put on their Easter play ‘He is Risen.’ This was the Easter message once again in action and in words. Everyone did an excellent job and we congratulate them, also the leaders who worked with them.

“Dangerous driving on the Bodden Town road! Many of us have observed that since the road signs were placed reminding drivers that this is a 25 mph zone, the incidence of speeding has increased.

“People of Bodden Town, our children’s lives are in great danger. It is typical of Cayman that no great precautions are taken until something serious has happened.

“Two boys were walking on the road on Sunday night. One was knocked by a car and this I heard a lady say: ‘If someone hadn’t been on the road with my children it could have been one of them.’ I hope everyone in this town realizes that it could have well been one of our own instead of a little George Town boy.

“Children watch for the cars. The old proverb says ‘Look before you leap.’ Parents please let this be a matter of concern to warn your children every day, and careless drivers remember a good lawyer may save you some time from prison, but you will always have it on your conscience when some little child has been ushered into eternity because of your carelessness and lack of concern.

“Mr. Harding Watler senior came home for a few days.

“Coming home looking fresh and jolly as usual was Miss Carolyn Hislop, who spent her Easter vacation in Freeport, Bahamas.

“On the same flight was Mrs. Selkirk Watler, who spent a few days in New Jersey.”

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