Colliers Pond in East End makes for an eye catching sight in its arid state thanks to the seasonal dry spell. In the winter months water levels drop in Cayman’s ponds and aquifers which is a normal occurrence each year but, according the Cayman Islands National Weather Service, the past few months have been particularly dry with a below average rainfall continuing through March.

“The Cayman Islands have experienced a significant drop in rainfall totals for over one year now,” said a statement from the Service. “The Regional Climate Office at the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology in Barbados has maintained drought warnings for the Cayman Islands during that period. Our records indicate that the last month to exceed the average monthly rainfall total was January 2016, giving us now 14 straight months [of] below average rainfall total.”

The statement also noted that since Cayman is in the dry season now, which runs through mid-May, the concept of a drought has to be looked at differently, as the amounts are still expected to be fairly low.

The Service noted that there are indications that the chance of rainfall is likely to be average or even above average once rainy season begins.

“The prediction coming out of the Regional Climate Office indicates that we are expected … to receive average to above average rainfall totals from May to July.”