Rule-breaking on West Bay Road

Bicycles, crosswalks, etc.

(Items 1-4 refer to approximately 20 percent of users.)

1. Bicycle riding is not allowed on West Bay Road sidewalks. (Worst offenders are riders on white-colored bikes.)

2. Lawrence Boulevard and West Bay Road pedestrian crosswalks: At least 10 times while the pedestrian walk sign has been on, drivers haven’t stopped for me. (Worst offenders are drivers with yellow license plates.)

3. On West Bay Road the speed limit is now 25 mph. (Worst offenders are local drivers.)

4. Motorcycle riders are going twice the speed limit and passing in the center lane. They are extremely dangerous. (Worst offenders are local drivers.)

Possible solutions for the above items:

1. Have police periodically riding bicycles to control offenders.

2-4. Obtain photo cameras and rotate them.

C.T. Carlsen


Segways on the West Bay Road sidewalks limit pedestrians from using the sidewalk.

Pedestrians have to edge off onto the main road allowing these vehicles to pass.

This is an accident waiting to happen, not to mention most of the riders on these Segways look like they will fall off into the road.

Kerrie Jackson

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