In the April 5, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lillian Ritch wrote:

“The visit of the HMS Salisbury recently was a happy and successful occasion. For the ship’s complement of 16 officers and 204 men, this was an introduction to the Cayman Islands, and to some to West Indies as a whole …. On our part, the open ship was a new experience, leaving our boys and girls wide-eyed with excitement over the guns and sonar sighting and the white, clean beauty of the ship.

“The programme carried through (on March 23) was as follows: At 10 a.m. Commander H.M. Ellis R.N. came ashore at the Channel Wharf and inspected a Qr. Guard of Honour under the direction of the chief of police, Mr. R.S. Besant, and commanded by Sgt. James Terry …. Proceeding to Stake Bay, Commander Ellis called on the District Commissioner, Mr. D.H. Foster, in office and he was served with sherry. Within about 45 minutes, Mr. Foster, accompanied by Mr. Besant, made the C.I. official call on the Commander and ship and were offered drinks.

“At 12:30, invited guests and the Commander and 13 officers enjoyed lunch at Buccaneer’s Inn, where informality and friendliness made acquaintance easy …. We were impressed with the CO’s competence and medals, and learned with interest that he began his sea career at 13 years old ….

“After a tour of the island, the visitors returned to the ship, which at 6 o’clock was home to about 40 guests with cocktails. Hospitality, courtesy and informality made a very happy evening, and our American friends were delighted to hear that in Houston, Texas, the ship’s full complement of officers and men had been invited into private homes and the happy exchange of Coats of Arms took place at this party.

“In the afternoon and evening, the ratings enjoyed their shore leave at the beaches, and two dances arranged on the eastern district …. Also from 1:30 to 4 p.m. nearly 200 locals were taken aboard.

“To close a happy day, Commander Ellis and Mr. Besant were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Foster to dinner at their home, the Fosters having the further pleasure and privilege of the CO remaining at their house for the night as the hotel was full.”

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