In the April 5, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, an interesting anecdote appeared concerning the district of Bodden Town.

“Who is My Neighbour? The answer remains unchanged. On March 31, Mrs. Doris Levy was busy in Town and could not get through till after dinner. By this time, most of the traffic for the eastern end had all gone up. Mrs. Alda McCoy said that she would carry her as far as the North Side junction in her wagon. Arriving at the junction, Mrs. Levy got out with two good size packages in her hand and walked off slowly heading for East End.

“When she got under the eaves of Cottage, she saw a Volkswagen coming towards her in the distance. She stopped to rest the packages, and to allow the [car] to cross, but to her great surprise the lady in the [vehicle] drove up to her and asked her if she could take her home. This was Mrs. Donald Armstrong from Port Richey, Florida, residing at Bodden Town.

“After going to bed that night, Mrs. Levy remembered that she had seen the lady before and had done her a good turn by the way and, that she had received it back, brim full …”

In the April 12, 1967 edition, Bodden Town correspondent Floris McCoy wrote:

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“Leaving for Jamaica this week was Harwell McCoy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCoy, who attends school in Jamaica and spent his Easter vacation at home.

“Mr. Edward Oliver of Wilson, Connecticut, left for his home on Sunday.

“Home for a few months is Mr. Garvin Frederick. Mr. Frederick is a long-time seaman, and has just been released from his position as steward on the M.V. Chemical Trader.

“From the same ship, home on vacation, is Mervin Parsons.

“The Woman’s Guild of Bodden Town held a fellowship dinner at the Town Hall on Friday night. There was a good turnout and it was a successful occasion.

“The Youth Club here is asking all members to come out on Thursday night. A special invitation is given to the members of the Citizens’ Association. This will be Mrs. Armstrong’s last evening with us for a while.”

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