Police conduct armed raid in Foster’s shooting case

Armed police stormed a residence off the East-West Arterial on Wednesday afternoon in an operation connected to the investigation of the April 8 robbery of an armored truck outside Foster’s grocery store near the airport.

According to witnesses, one man was taken into custody at the scene.

A police spokesperson confirmed late Wednesday that the raid at The Blossoms complex in Doubletree Lane was connected to the probe into the armored truck robbery, but that the man taken into custody had been arrested on suspicion of ganja possession only. No charges had been filed by press time Wednesday.

The raid was the latest development in the investigation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service into the armed robbery outside Foster’s on Saturday night, when a security guard was shot twice. The guard remains hospitalized in stable condition.

In addition to the raid, police confirmed Wednesday that a vehicle used as the getaway car in the armed robbery at Foster’s Food Fair-IGA Airport parking lot was sold in January, but that the transfer was never recorded by the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing, according to police.

The white Honda CR-V that appeared on closed-circuit camera images outside Foster’s on April 8 was tracked to Admiral’s Landing in Red Bay, George Town, on Monday evening, April 10, by Royal Cayman Islands Police investigators.

Police have since confirmed that it was used in the robbery. A “significant amount” of cash was taken in that heist, according to Foster’s Managing Director Woody Foster.

“Further enquiries into the vehicle’s ownership have determined that the vehicle was sold by its current registered owner in January, but that this sale and transfer was never formalized,” according to an RCIPS statement issued Wednesday.

Typically, when a vehicle is sold in the Cayman Islands, the transfer must be formalized at the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing by the current owner signing the vehicle over to the new owner. That did not happen in this case, police said.

The RCIPS warned car owners that failing to transfer vehicle ownership after selling it is a bad idea.

“If you do not formalize sales of your vehicle, you could be linked to whatever happens with that vehicle after the fact, including crimes,” a police spokesperson said.

RCIPS detectives are also looking into social media images reported to police by the public which show a woman displaying wrapped stacks of cash in a photo taken next to a white vehicle. Those images were posted on social media sites a few hours after the robbery.

“Detectives have investigated other information in the form of pictures on social media which were passed to police,” the department statement noted. “The person in question has been interviewed and enquiries are continuing.”

The individual was not arrested in connection with the investigation, police confirmed.

“We would again like to thank the community for its assistance and support in the investigation of this serious matter,” the RCIPS statement read.


  1. “tracked to Admiral’s Landing in Red Bay, George Town, on Monday evening, April 10, by Royal Cayman Islands Police investigators.” – your earlier piece said RCIPS said that it was a tip off from the public – “tracked” seems to imply some effort by the RCIPS, or even that the CCTV system actually works. Which is it?

  2. Then I wonder if Police would be bringing in the original owner for some serious questioning , now that they have warned the public of not formalizing the sale of vehicle. The part that gets me in the article that they tracked the getaway car , but only arrested one for suspicion of Ganga only .
    I think that they all needs to be watching the TV show 48 hours to learn how these kind of crimes are solved .

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