Cayman poets look to build literary scene

Poet Michel Powery is working to reinvigorate the local poetry scene through a series of workshops aimed at novice and established writers.

Within the next five years, Mr. Powery envisions a burgeoning literary arts scene in Cayman that harnesses the creativity of young writers. He hopes to use a small business, Bridges, to get the community moving and build connections.

Among initial efforts will be free teen poetry workshops. The details are pending but Mr. Powery expects the classes to start in May. He is looking for teachers to contribute to the classes and to provide extra support for beginning writers.

“The teen years are a complicated age. We’d like to help them express their emotions through literature,” Mr. Powery said.

The first adult workshop will be at 10:30 a.m. on April 29 at the George Town public library.

Instructor Peter Westin said the meeting will provide an introduction to poetry and gauge interest in future workshops.

“What I hope to do that weekend is to try to get an understanding among those present on the intent and purpose of poetry, and engage writers to explore one or two poetic forms,” Mr. Westin said.

Mr. Westin and Mr. Powery are collaborating with other local writers in the hope of starting regular poetry meet-ups that promote dialogue on writing styles and editing.

The workshops are free. Interested writers can contact Michel Powery at [email protected]

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