Where’s my birth certificate?

Please allow me space in your newspaper to print this letter.

I, the undersigned, would like to publicly state my opinion and to complain about our elected members to our Legislative Assembly and some of our other government officials.

For many, many years now, I have been trying to obtain a copy of my original birth certificate but without success. I have been to our MLAs in my district and other government officials including the previous governor and asked for their assistance, but up until now they have done absolutely nothing to help me.

Also, the personnel in the General Registry, the department responsible for birth certificates, have repeatedly refused to issue me a copy of it.

I am a Caymanian, born on June 15, 1956, to James Derwin Whitaker and Grace L. Smith. I was later re-registered by my mother as being born on June 1, 1957, and my father named as Kivi Albert Ebanks. My name was then changed to Turly Albert Ebanks. This should never been allowed to happen. My “original” birth certificate has the correct details and I need my true identity back. It is not right for me to be living like this. Even though our MLAs have the authority to recall this very important document for me, they have not reached out to help me.

Once I retrieve my “original” birth certificate, I will be able to proceed with the quest of obtaining other important documents which are related to me. As I am very much in need of my “original” birth certificate, I would appreciate any assistance that will help me obtain it.

Lastly, I would like to state that our present and past politicians are/were not worthy of their positions in office. Any other future politicians, I pray, for the people and these islands will be different for the betterment of us Caymanians. If not one politician can help me then they are not worthy of their seats in the House.

Turly Albert Ebanks

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