The wait


  1. Your cartoon on DVDL nearly says it all, yet every year the Civil Service have a party dishing out awards and congratulating themselves on the high standards of service they provide to the public. The reality is spelt out in this cartoon in graphic detail, except for the queue stretching out the front door.
    The Head of this department needs to get his act together, this appalling service has been going on for years, yet evidently he cares not as like all civil servants he knows we have no other alternative “service providers”, and in any event accountability for poor service does not exist in Government.

  2. This cartoon would almost be funny if this was a problem that did not exist at every Motor Vehicle Department everywhere. It is not uncommon in the US to spend hours at DMV locations.
    A lot of transactions that could take place if the system was not so antiquated! A licensing officer tried to explain to me why I couldn’t renew my Driver’s License online without coming in to the DVDL to get a “password”. I asked what was the point of coming in to go back and try to renew my license on line? She was not sure why.
    In the US,, I can purchase the decal for my car’s license plate, renew my license on line and any other number of vehicle related tasks. Perhaps it is time to modernize a lot of the functions of this department and for customers to remember the two other sites for similar services?

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