Who’s trashing the Brac?

It was Earth Day and once again we found ourselves cleaning up after those shape-shifting, mythological, but-all-too-real duppies who inhabit the bluff on Cayman Brac.

Those rascals had been at it again, partying and wrecking this beautiful island! I could not believe it.

They must boogie at night because we had already walked down Ashton Reid road a day or so before, collecting their discarded beer cans, bottles, cigarette packs, styrofoam dinner plates and boxes; and we had bagged them up for the trash collectors.

But there was the mess, all over again.


Why do they want to litter such an island gem and what can we do about them!?

Surely they were here even before people settled the place.

Maybe some of the old-timers can communicate and give them a comeuppance. Or the teachers in the schools. Or the pastors.

Maybe some of these good candidates hoping to be elected … maybe some of them speak duppy.

Roger Bowen, Cayman Brac


  1. I wonder if these people who are littering the Brac / world , knows why they have a trash can inside the house where they live . Or do they even have trash cans in their homes .
    The littering problem sounds like it’s a major problem that really needs to be addressed .

    I really think that the government is dropping the ball when they are not fixing the dump permenently and enforcing littering fines and laws . I believe that the politicians / government don’t care about the environment or the Islands why everywhere on the needs to be cleaned up , except where the politicians live . Why can’t Government put wardens / private Citizens around these areas to police the littering laws . It sounds like the littering problem has gotting out hand and crime is following , two of the worse problems crime and garbage you can have in any society /country .

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