The owner of a Bodden Town gas station and a store clerk could not believe their eyes when they arrived at work Thursday morning.

Around 6 a.m., Mostyn’s gas station owner David Frederick and clerk Jazz Fabella found that thieves had cut holes through the ceiling to gain access to the shop, stealing bullas, cigarettes, rum, money and rolling papers.

They also ransacked the shop.

A door to the side was off its hinges.

A broken outside bathroom window indicates where the thieves might have gained access, said Mr. Fabella. From that outside bathroom window, a gaping hole was cut through the ceiling.

The thieves also disabled the security cameras, the men said.

Mr. Fabella called the police, who he said arrived around 7 a.m.

“The police checked inside and told us not to touch anything, so we went outside to wait for the CID to come. They arrived around 8:30 [a.m.],” he said. “They dusted for fingerprints and saw some blood stains. The thieves also left a bottle opener at the scene.”

Thieves dug holes in the to gain access to the shop.


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