Tragic and sickening to read of the incomprehensible deaths of four people in the East End car crash. If there was alcohol and drugs involved, more the pity.

Who knows where to place blame? And mercy on the souls lost is more important than blaming someone for causing the accident. There were stolen conchs in the Honda car of the local driver who died, and the three guests from the U.K. in the rental Kia car did not know their lives would be snuffed out within minutes of seeing the oncoming car.

Sending deep sympathy to the families of the U.K. citizens who lost their lives. Careless driving has always been a terrible fact of Grand Cayman and the Sister islands.

People do not realize their lives and the lives of their loved ones can change in a moment when the driver is not paying attention to his or her driving, when the driver is smoking or texting or drinking or listening to deafening loud music.

Life is so precious! We wish R.I.P. to those who have lost their lives in East End, and heart’s ease to their loved ones who are left bereft.

Nan Socolow

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