A Honduran national appeared in Summary Court on Monday, when he pleaded guilty to overstaying and working without a work permit since July 2008.

Leonidas Antolin Ruiz admitted remaining in Cayman illegally and working without a permit “for persons unknown.”

The defendant, 65, indicated that he had been coming to Cayman since 1972 and knew a lot of people here from his time going to sea. In answer to questions from Magistrate Valdis Foldats, he said he had relatives here, but he lived on his own.

The charge sheet listed his residence as an area of Bodden Town.

The magistrate said the sentence had to be one of custody in order to deter other people from committing these offenses. But he also noted the practical aspects of the situation – whether it was better to “ship him off” or “house him.”

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He decided to get more information through a social inquiry report. He apologized to the Department of Community Rehabilitation for giving officers additional work, but suggested that appointments would be easier to keep with Ruiz in custody.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal trespass: that he was at the premises of a George Town business on May 6 without having lawful business there.

Ruiz said he was willing to go to jail and serve his time.

He was remanded until June 26 for sentence.

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    • Ms Bell yes he did commit crimes when he over sayed , worked without a work permit , and violated the Immigration Laws of the Cayman Islands. This should not be the new way to get PR , over saying your time and eludin Laws .

  1. This just shows us what a problem that Government and Immigration has on their hands . We have people over staying in the Islands , working without work permit, and robbing the Islands blind , not contributing to the economy , vandalizing Police officer private property because of him doing his job . Is this the kind of people who we should have living in the Cayman Islands. If they learn that kind of behavior from where they are from , maybe the Judge should tell them that they have to go back there to live . “DEPORTATION” should be the order for the above kind , because prison is not the place , what do you do with them after they have served their sentence ? What happens while they are in prison ?

    Most of all , how can one over stay his time that long and how many are ? I would think that Immigration is not keeping up with that part of the system.

  2. Ron just this morning I made mention in a comment concerning immigration department. The problem is not the officers, they do their job, and very well, but they are not given the resources to work with, and too much beaucratic bull from politicians. In the instances of over stayers, and this man in question, he would have been on file, but what kind of file?. A piece of paper somewhere. Immigration has each person photo who applies for a work permit. But they do not have the up to date resources to hunt down and find out where an over stayer is there is little to be done. My suggestion now that things have changed and we will have constituencies in districts , from May election, Ministers and MLA’s need to be given work to do. In each constituency we should have a manned immigration and police office on line data available up to date with all over stayers and illegal immigrants in their constituency. This time around I hope to see the Constituency MLA Offices manned properly, giving professional people work to do instead of it being manned by family members and buddies of Candidates, running a baby sitting office to people looking for handouts. Things must change, and if we the public do not speak out where we see things are needed not a thing will be done. Immigration and police need to be on line with these matters, and the community need to assist.

  3. One thing is certain overstayers working here who are caught are brought before the courts and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Another thing just about as certain, is that the local employers who employ these people for years without a work permit are not prosecuted. If they were, there would be less overstayers.