Six new recruits who completed a 17-week cadet training course for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and two other officers who were employed as auxiliary constables with the RCIPS became police constables at a ceremony in George Town on Tuesday afternoon.

The two auxiliary constables who were promoted to full constable also participated in some of the same training as their new recruit colleagues.

Acting Governor Franz Manderson lauded the efforts of the new constables during the graduation ceremony – the first this year – particularly in the context of the current political and social environment in the islands.

Constables parade outside the Harquail Theatre just before the official ceremony on Tuesday.

“It is so easy for people to call up the talk shows and write on the blogs about all the things that are wrong with the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Manderson told the recruits at the Harquail Theatre. “It’s more difficult to be a part of the solution. Today you all have responded to the call … and decided to be part of the solution.”

The eight new police constables are: Ricardo Brown, Anthony Bush, Kimberley Rivers, Andrew Hemmings, Levan Lewis, Nicholas Manning, Richardo Beale and Daniel McIlhagga. Police Commissioner Derek Byrne, attending his first cadet graduation ceremony as commissioner, said he hopes to have another cadet class graduate later this year.

Mr. Byrne promised the new class they would have one of the most difficult, but also one of the most rewarding careers they could embark upon.

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne congratulates the new recruits.

“You will change the RCIPS,” Mr. Byrne said. “As local officers, you will bring local knowledge and understanding and improve our service to the people of the Cayman Islands. You experience things you will not see in any other job.”

The six new recruits are local officers, police said. They range in age from 19 to 36 and are from various professional backgrounds, including business, IT, tourism and security. Most are “serious players” of football or basketball. One is an internationally competitive boxer.


  1. 19 years old. What experience can a 19 year old officer bring to the table. Too emotionally immature to deal with the kind of shootings, death and other crimes Cayman will put on his plate. Better arm these officers with the kind of weapons needed for the kind of murders this island sees, especially in West End. I will congratulate the new officers and wish them well.

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