Pre-election message: Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell

The Elections Office is a mostly standalone agency of the Cayman Islands Government, which is committed to promoting democracy through ensuring a fair electoral process. We work to ensure that the Cayman Islands enjoy well run, fair and credible elections by ensuring voters are aware of all the need-to-know about the process of casting their vote, offering support and guidance to candidates and agents. We also work to ensure the register of electors is updated and as accurate as possible.

As supervisor of elections, it has been my honour and pleasure to lead the Elections Office team members as we prepared for May 2017 general elections. The duties that the elections officials will perform on elections day as they conduct polling and counting actives are essential to the delivery of free, fair and credible elections results.

I unreservedly thank the registering officers, deputy supervisors and returning officers, along with their deputies, and the small army of elections officers who have volunteered to serve the Cayman Islands in this, the most democratic of processes. Many working for months as we made preparation behind the scenes and more publicly as we engaged the voters through our door to door canvassing, our voter education processes and public information campaigns.

This will be a historic general election for the Cayman Islands on many levels. Postal and Mobile voters have applied in record numbers, indicating a well-attended general election, and I encourage voters to come out in their numbers, and vote on polling day, May 24th, 2017. We look forward to hearing our 19 returning officers announce the candidate with most votes in each of the 19 electoral districts.

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