A man charged with assaulting two police officers last week appeared in Summary Court on Monday.

Garfield Silburn Jr. remains in custody as no bail application was made.

Silburn is also charged with criminal trespass, following an incident in which two police officers were injured in Prospect on May 25.

Silburn, 21, is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a male police officer with intent to cause such harm. The alleged offense occurred in the vicinity of Dogwood Street and Mangrove Avenue.

This offense can be dealt with only in the Grand Court, Magistrate Valdis Foldats advised Silburn.

The second assault charge is causing actual bodily harm to a female police officer in the same area.

The charge of criminal trespass refers to a private residence on Mangrove Avenue, which Silburn is accused of entering without lawful excuse.

Senior Crown counsel Candia James advised that she had spoken with defense attorney Crister Brady, who was in the Grand Court on another matter, and no bail application for Silburn was being made at this time.

The magistrate told Silburn that he could apply for bail in Grand Court, where he is to appear on June 16.

At this stage of proceedings, the charges of trespass and assault causing actual bodily harm are remaining in Summary Court, but they will be mentioned on June 16 also.

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