Youth put culture on display

On Saturday evening I had the fortune to attend the “Dream, Sparkle and Shine” performing arts showcase at the Harquail Theatre, laid on by the Spark! School of Music. Although my attendance was more a result of compulsion by my wife (who is the resident drama teacher at the school), I also feel compelled to share my experiences of the evening.

The showcase featured dozens of young people performing live music, contemporary dance and amateur dramatics to a level that vastly exceeded the ages of the performers. There was joy, humour, grit, suspense, fun and laughter in abundance from those on stage. All excellent. Many exceptional.

The depth and breadth of talent on show well reflected the eclectic mix of those nervously standing up in front of the audience to perform. Young and very young. Caymanian and expatriate. Government and privately schooled. The backgrounds didn’t matter and all were eager to show off what they’d spent the preceding weeks rehearsing.

All too often, it is easy to fall into the trap of throwaway comments about a lack of opportunity or a lack of cultural outlets on island. I’m happy to say that there was no evidence of this at the Harquail Theatre on Saturday. The audience full of proud mums and dads (and husbands) were treated to three hours of excellent entertainment delivered by young people brimming with talent and confidence.

Miss Janelle, the staff at Spark, the students, their parents and Cayman as a whole should all be rightly proud to have a group of like-minded folk, happy to share their passion for the arts with everyone.

Well done to all of you.

Matthew O’Keeffe

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