Police have reported at least seven vehicles stolen over the past two weeks, with some of them having been used in the commission of serious crimes.

Four of the stolen vehicles have since been recovered.

The latest auto theft incident happened Thursday morning in the parking lot of Cayman Preparatory Academy and High School on Walkers Road in George Town.

The older model Honda Civic was taken from the lot around 4 a.m., RCIPS officers said.

Car theft is not counted as a “serious” crime in semi-annual police crime statistics, but Acting Police Commissioner Anthony Ennis said last week that the department was informing the public about the incidents as a proactive measure because of the thieves’ propensity toward using the vehicles to commit other offenses.

For instance, a stolen Honda Civic recovered Tuesday, June 13, in Prospect was used in a pair of gas station robberies that occurred earlier in the day.

On June 14, a gold-colored SUV was stolen following a robbery at a Bodden Town convenience store and was chased down by police in Breakers.

In addition, one of the two vehicles recovered in connection with a June 17 home invasion that occurred in Patrick’s Island was stolen, according to police. That Honda Civic was reported stolen from the Marriott Hotel just hours before the break-in.

“Given the continuing reports of car thefts and the propensity for stolen cars to be used to commit other crimes, we ask members of the public to vigilantly secure their vehicles at all times and not to keep any articles of value in their vehicles,” Mr. Ennis said. “We have received reports of thefts of vehicles where keys have been left in the vehicles.”

Complicating matters somewhat is the relatively large number of vehicles still driving around Grand Cayman with no permanent license plates attached.

The government Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing has been trading out the temporary paper tags on new cars for permanent electronic license plates since last month. However, at last count, there were approximately 1,000 new vehicles that required the new plates to be added.

In addition to the vehicle stolen Thursday morning and the four cars identified as being connected to the recent robberies, other car thefts have been reported around Grand Cayman in recent days, including:

June 20: A blue BMW parked at the Red Bay roundabout was reported stolen around 1:30 p.m. that day. Police said the car had been parked at the roundabout and was being advertised “for sale.” At press time Thursday, the BMW had not been recovered.

June 14: Just before 2 a.m. a Honda Accord was reported stolen from a home on Walkers Road near East Boulevard. The vehicle had been seen around midnight, two hours before the theft report. It was not recovered.

June 10: A blue Kia rental car was taken during a burglary in South Sound after several items were taken from inside a nearby home. The rental vehicle was recovered two days later on South Sound Road where it had apparently been abandoned.


  1. Very interesting headline. When it is not burglary, its muggings and gun crimes, and now “Grand Theft Auto.” What this situation needs is someone to know what this situation needs.

  2. Police say “It’s not a serious crime.”
    Unless it is your car that is stolen.

    I used to tell friends that no cars were stolen here as there was nowhere to take them.
    Another Cayman fact now consigned to the history books along with no violent crime.

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