A pensions case that has been before the courts since October 2008 should be finalized in October 2017 when representatives of the company return for sentencing, after guilty pleas were entered on Tuesday.

Dorothy Scott, a director of Champion House Ltd, trading as Champion House II, entered the pleas on its behalf. Defense attorney Graham Hampson had asked that the charges be put “for clarity.”

Court files and informal records kept by the Cayman Compass show that guilty pleas were entered in February 2010, but it was not clear whether they were entered by directors personally or in the name of the company.

The charges include failure to comply with a request for information from the Superintendent of Pensions, failure to pay past due pension contributions, and failing without reasonable cause to provide a pension plan or make contributions on behalf of employees between January 1999 and August 2008.

The matter has been before the courts on numerous occasions, with at least two other attorneys preceding Mr. Hampson.

In September 2012, Crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson agreed to further adjournments, saying that the ultimate objective of the prosecution was for employees to get what was legally theirs.

In October 2013, the court was advised that there was an agreement to pay $5,000 per month.

In March 2015, Mr. Ferguson advised the court that no payment had been made since 2014. Ms. Scott said in her opinion the amount owed was $60,000 but the pensions office had indicated it was more and she was trying to sort it out.

Mr. Hampson, who subsequently took the matter over, noted there were some significant issues in the case and he would be making submissions accordingly.

Sentencing was set for Monday, Oct. 2.

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