Dog burned in cruelty case up for adoption

Dora, the dog badly burned in an alleged animal cruelty incident in May, has made a nearly full recovery and is available for adoption from the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

Dora is living with a foster family that has administered the care needed to recover from her burns, which covered her flank and abdomen.

The dog was allegedly set aflame by her former owner on May 13, and it took emergency surgery from Dr. Brenda Bush of Island Veterinary Services to save the animal’s life. Dora was pregnant at the time, but the puppies were lost due to the injuries and the trauma inflicted by the incident.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service made an arrest on suspicion of animal cruelty on May 21, but the suspect was subsequently released on police bail. No charges have yet been laid..

“The file in this matter has been completed and was submitted to the [Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions] for a ruling,” police said in a statement. “We do not have a ruling as of yet as to whether there will be a charge or not.”

The dog’s foster mother, who requested anonymity, provided an update on the animal’s recovery to the Cayman Compass in an email exchange on Monday.

“Dora has adjusted well to living in my home. She is one of three,” she said. “I have one adopted dog and one other foster dog.”

She said she will not be able to keep Dora permanently because she wants to keep her home open to other injured animals.

Dora, who is aged between 1 and 2 years old and weighs about 40 pounds, quickly settled into the routine in her foster home. “She does not chew on anything other than toys provided for her. She waits patiently for her meals. Dora sits and gives a paw before she gets her food,” her foster mother explained.

Following her surgery, Dora had to be kept still for about four to six weeks and she had  trouble walking normally for weeks after the incident. Now, she is just days away from being completely healed from her burns, a process that took 10 weeks of diligent care.

“She continues to have areas that are still sore and most of the affected area is without fur,” said Dora’s foster mom. “I cover her with a small coat if we are going out for long periods as I am concerned about her skin getting burnt from the sun.”

“Her skin will need to continue to be monitored as it is hard to know how much of her fur will grow back. Her adopters may need to cover her affected area to prevent sunburn,” she added.

“Dora is a quirky dog full of character. She is friendly and affectionate,” and despite the ordeal she has gone through, she is not a nervous dog, she said.

“She is a dog that lives life to the full and I plan to find the right person, couple or family who can give her her much-deserved second chance at a happy, loving home.”

Anyone interested in adoption can visit

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  1. Another cruelty case. When will it all end. Why hasn’t the guilty party been arrested. Who did the police release. Please, please. If you don’t want an animal, please don’t treat it cruelly. Bring the animal unharmed to an animal shelter. The animals are defenseless, is that the thrill. STOP this.

  2. How cruel and inhumane .
    How can someone do such a thing as burning a innocent dog ? And not take responsibility for it . Then we have the Law Enforcement officials not making any one responsible for their actions .

    How do we expect to correct these kind of behaviours in society when we just keeps ignoring them / not punishing no one .
    Just look at all the criminal illegal things that have happened in last few months , dog burning , turtle found in someone possession , fuel storage tank fire, and so much more , and no one charged or prosecuted or investigated yet . How long does it take for someone to be charged with a crime ? How do we expect to stop the criminal illegal behaviours ? Does the Public Prosecutor have a certain amount of time to make a decision on the case that is presented ?