Truck overturns on roundabout, spills load

A large container truck overturned at the Hurley’s roundabout, spilling sand on the road and the pavement outside Scotiabank.
The accident occurred shortly before 5 p.m., just as the evening rush hour began.
No one was injured in the one-vehicle accident.



  1. I wonder if it is time to set 25 mph speed limits for trucks on roundabouts? Dump trucks, cement trucks, what’s next and when do we do something to stop these dangerous drivers? Do we wait until someone is killed??

  2. Yes Rodney agree , we wait until someone is killed then someone can sue the big trucking company for lots of money and then we would have another way for Lawyers to make big money . So nothing would be done about their speed limits . Just like how it’s happening in the big Countries .

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