50 years ago: Protesters call for better roads; fogger visits East End

In the Aug. 16, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, the following article titled “Marchers present petition” appeared:

“It was certainly an unusual sight to see men and boys with placards marching through the streets of George Town yesterday.

“They were from East End and North Side and their purpose was to draw attention to the deplorable condition of the roads to the Eastern Districts.

“Waiting upon his Honour the Administrator, they presented a petition pointing out that for the past 10 years they have been promised paved roads, but to up to the present, nothing has been done.

“They requested that the dirt road from Bodden Town to Frank Sound be graded at once; that the road from Bodden Town to East End and Frank Sound To North Side be paved in the very near future and that an answer be given in writing as to what action this government intends to take regarding the two requests.”

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In the same edition, “East End Echos” correspondent Charles Dixon wrote:

“The residents of this district were surprised and glad to have the Fogging Machine pay a visit on Friday, Aug. 4, after being deprived of its presence and benefits for many, many years.

“Fogging was done throughout the district, and although the wind waxed unfavourable for maximum results, it proved to be very effective. We hope that years will not elapse before repetition.”

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  1. Do we see now how it’s done , when we have any deplorable situation , when Government won’t fix it , the people can . But what I have learned from the East End Men and women , is you don’t get it by sitting down keeping quiet .