Letter: Why all this hatred for ‘Foots’?

Not many years ago a young Jamaican lady apologized to the Caymanians for what her countrymen were saying about Caymanians. Now some of us Caymanians would like to apologize to Mr. Ronald “Foots” Kynes regarding the way Caymanians have been treating him.

The scripture tells us that God created us equal in His image and likeness, so how can we have hatred in our hearts concerning Mr. Kynes and his art pieces? God loves him just as much as anyone else.

This reminds me of what Jesus said about those without sin casting the first stone. He even told His disciples that people might kill them and think that they were doing God a favour.

Where have Cayman’s God-fearing people got this hatred from? Where is the love?

Velma Herod

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