Police responding to a burglary report on Friday morning checked CCTV at the premises and identified Tonie Elford Bush as the intruder.

Bush, 48, was arrested on Saturday and brought to court on Monday, when he pleaded guilty to the charge.

Magistrate Philippa McFarlane asked if he were applying for bail pending sentence. Bush said no; the matter was adjourned until Oct. 9. The court requested a social inquiry report.

Crown counsel Alliyah McCarthy said a West Bay resident woke up Friday morning and realized her cat was missing. While checking around, she noticed a bottle of wine on the patio table. She was certain she had put the bottle in her refrigerator and concluded that someone had been inside her apartment while she was upstairs sleeping.

She checked her security camera, saw the image of an intruder and called police. Officers viewed the CCTV and identified Bush, whom they arrested the following day. They were unable to determine the burglar’s point of entry immediately, but they did obtain fingerprints from the fridge.

Bush admitted entering the premises as a trespasser and stealing a bottle of beer and a bottle of St. Tropez wine.

The defendant, a resident of West Bay, chose to represent himself and elected to be tried in Summary Court.

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