Four boat passengers and a crew member were rescued from the water by the Joint Marine Unit near Sand Bar at Stingray City on Thursday.

Officers aboard Niven D and Tornado vessels responded to the scene around 6 p.m. and towed the distressed passengers to a docking station.

Marine Commander Damenian Maxwell said police were pleased to report all of those rescued were in good health and no one was injured.

“However, boat operators are reminded that having adequate safety equipment on board is crucial, as things can go wrong quickly at sea,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“We also ask that boat operators take special care in ensuring that their vessels are properly examined and in good working order prior to deploying. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers.”


  1. The last two paragraphs of Mr Maxwell’s advice is good simple common sense boating . But until this simple common sense suggestions can be put into Law and be enforced , we would alway have these kind of rescues , and left alone they then turns into tragic life lost rescues.

    I said from long time ago that the government need to put boating Laws in place to prevent the inexperienced boater from going out on the water and causing tragic .

    Just look at this last rescue which I don’t have full sense of all that took place . I take it that the owner/captain of the boat bought boat but didn’t have enough boating experience to have taking just out to the sand bar without causing a rescue.
    What if he had heard that the tuna and dolphin were so plentiful and jumping into the boats down on the 12 mile bank , and had decided to go there and get some , this rescue would have happened and may be the situation then could have been a lot more bigger .
    This is why when you buy a boat that you need to have the experience about all aspects pertaining to it .
    That’s why Mr Maxwell advice in the last paragraph of the article is so important for us to know and do before going out on the water/ocean .

  2. But what EXACTLY happened?

    The article says they ” were rescued from the water” but then ” towed the distressed passengers to a docking station.”

    Did this boat overturn? Catch fire? Engine just stop? Has the boat been towed to port? Was this a private boat or commercial?
    Were the passengers in the water or still in the boat? Did they have life-jackets on?

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