NEW: Immigration chief ‘retires’ following lengthy leave

Suspended Cayman Islands Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans has agreed to take early retirement from the civil service, after spending nearly three years on paid leave.

Ms. Evans

Ms. Evans retirement is effective Sept. 30, according to a brief statement issued by government late Friday.

“There have been no findings of misconduct against Ms. Evans and she is retiring with a good record and thanks are extended for her years of service,” the statement, which was not attributed to any individual, read.

The two-paragraph statement did not indicate who would be Ms. Evans’s permanent replacement.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith has been running the Immigration Department since Ms. Evans was placed on paid leave as of Dec. 1, 2014.

She never returned to the department following what was termed an “administrative investigation” against her. The outcome of that investigation was never made public.


  1. We have no idea what Ms. Evans did or didn’t do. But three years to complete an investigation? All the time on full pay?

    It beggars belief that this could happen.

    It is unfair to Ms. Evans, or anyone else in her situation, to be kept waiting this time for a decision on their future. It is certainly unfair for the taxpayer to continue shelling out money for someone to sit at home.

    What possible reason for a THREE YEAR delay?

  2. This is the kind of issues that Mr Ezzard Miller or any other Politian needs to bring to the LA , not that petty stuff , but the big waste of taxpayers money on these kind of cases .
    But I think that it would take Private Citizens to do it .

  3. Here we have two good comments on this subject. But we would only agree with one . Do we appreciate when the Government seems corrupt and is distroying taxpayers money ?
    How can we think that this kind of behavior by Government is OK ? Take a good look at Puerto Rico now , they are in now in a disastrous situation. They are bankrupt and are looking help from any country . Do you want the Government to continue destroying your money like how they are doing ?
    We need to let Government know that we will not stand for the destruction of our money any longer .

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