Nathan McCoy

Church shoes were taken off and football boots were laced up as Filadelfia Seventh-day Adventist church and Solid Rock Ministries faced off in the finals of the Seventh-day Adventist Conference Football League on Saturday.

Filadelfia has been the reigning champions for the past three years and were looking to bring home the trophy for the fourth year.Solid Rock Ministries, one of the newest congregations on island, were the underdogs in this match, beating Ebenezer in the semifinals.

Stakes were high for both teams, and they both went in knowing that only one team could come out on top.

The first half of the game was fairly equal, with both teams receiving a fair number of chances on net. Scoring was opened by Solid Rock about 10 minutes into the half, and then they began picking up speed with a second screamer into the top right of Filadelfia’s net.

A third goal was created through an opening on the right wing and a cross into the middle where the ball was tapped into the back of the net. Filadelfia then stepped up their game and held off Solid Rock for a halftime score of 3-0. Two of the goals were scored by Brandon Ebanks and the third scored by D’Andre Rowe.

As the second half started, Filadelfia came back with vengeance, trying to hold off Solid Rock and score a goal. The half went on and the sides looked equal, both having great opportunities to score goals. With a last burst of energy, Rodrick Pearson finally scored one goal for Filadelfia in the closing minutes of the game.

The game ended with Solid Rock being victorious in their only second year in the league.

There were some impressive skills on display in the final showdown of the Adventist Football League.

Filadelfia walked off the pitch with their heads held high, knowing they gave their all, but Solid Rock took the title away with a 3-1 victory, ending Filadelfia’s three-year streak.

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