Interim prisons director chosen

Cayman’s new prisons director hails from the Turks and Caicos Islands where he has served in the same position for the past two years.

Steven Barrett, who gained more than 30 years’ experience in the Scottish prisons system before heading to Turks in early 2016, is due to arrive in Cayman next month.

Mr. Barrett’s appointment is on an interim basis and government officials said recruitment for the permanent position will begin later this year.

Acting Prisons Director Daniel Greaves will continue in that role until Mr. Barrett arrives.

Mr. Barrett was selected with assistance from Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s office following the surprise departure of former prisons director Neil Lavis in December.

Former Turks and Caicos Islands Governor Peter Beckingham noted in a press statement that Mr. Barrett has lengthy experience working with young offenders, as well as in training prisons officers.

“I’m sure his former skills as a professional soccer player will also be welcomed by the growing band of enthusiastic young soccer players in Grand Turk,” then Governor Beckingham remarked in 2016.

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