Premier Alden McLaughlin

Premier Alden McLaughlin will represent the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association at the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

The summit will feature government officials from the world’s 53 Commonwealth jurisdictions. Topics of discussion at this year’s meeting will include Brexit, the global economic outlook, how technology is changing our world and the way we work, economic and climate volatility for island states, new models of healthcare, the maritime industry, the economic empowerment of women, investing in infrastructure, fintech and innovations in financial services, and how business can be made easier between Commonwealth countries.

“While there, I will also take the opportunity to meet with United Kingdom Government officials to discuss issues and concerns that are common to the United Kingdom, the Overseas Territories and the Cayman Islands in particular,” said Mr. McLaughlin, who is president of the U.K. Overseas Territories Association.

The premier is scheduled to leave for the meeting on Thursday, and will travel with his senior political adviser, Roy Tatum, and Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose. Eric Bush, the head of the Cayman Islands London Office, will also attend the summit, which is scheduled to take place April 16-20.

“Attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government events and attending the Commonwealth Business Forum are part of ongoing relationship-building with the United Kingdom as it seeks to leave the European Union,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “The Cayman Islands, as well as all of the U.K. Overseas Territories, see ourselves as a very important part of Global Britain, and I am honoured as the President of the Political Council of [the U.K. Overseas Territories Association] to be invited to take part in these events.”

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