Year 12 students at CIFEC are taking part in mock interviews to gain valuable practice for their goal of securing jobs after school.

Drama Kitchen Cayman Ltd. is conducting the free interview skills workshop over a four-day period, on May 10, 11, 14 and 18.

The workshops consisted of three days of interviews and one day of improvisation exercises in non-verbal communication.

During the workshops, actors were used rather than interviewers from real companies, so as to eliminate students’ fears of jeopardizing future job interviews or careers when the time comes for them to apply for a real job. The sessions were recorded and will be used as a learning tool in their classrooms. Each student is being given group feedback, as well as personal individual reports.

“Our mission is to give the students one last much-needed springboard opportunity to build their confidence and develop skills towards successful job interviews,” said Inika Pierre, drama coach.

Mrs. Pierre and her husband Kendell, founding members of Drama Kitchen Cayman, have developed techniques to use drama to support school curriculums in Cayman.

“Drama Kitchen specializes in classes tailored to the needs of the teachers and their students,” said Mrs. Pierre.

Drama Coach Inika Pierre, right, conducts a mock job interview with student Kahdeidra Rivers. – PhotoS: Jewel Levy

She said three “interviewers” carry out the mock interview sessions with students. “The goal is for the workshop to be conducted annually and become an integral part of the students’ training,” she said.

Kahdeidra Rivers, 17, a Year 12 student participating in the interview sessions, said she found the experience a good opportunity and she enjoyed it. “It would be a good thing for other Year 12 students,” she said.

The interviews also appeared to be building students’ confidence, said Mrs. Pierre. “Students appeared to be so shy when they first entered the classrooms and then they were leaving with a buzz,” she said.

Year 12 work skills teacher Sarah McDougall said it was a positive end-of-school-year experience before students graduate.

Principal Delores Thompson was also impressed with the workshop and the students’ participation. “We are very appreciative of Mrs. Pierre and her company for coming in and giving the students this opportunity,” she said.

“We had people come in to host mini programs, but never to this extent. It was very stress-free experience and [it] taught the students interview skills. It was a learning experience for all,” she added.

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