Visitor dies in snorkeling incident

A 64-year-old female visitor from the United States died Thursday after getting in difficulty while snorkeling off George Town.

The woman’s death is the sixth water-related fatality reported this year.

Police said officers responded to a report of a person in distress in the water off South Church Street shortly after 11:30 a.m.

The woman, who had been on a snorkel tour, was brought ashore by the tour leader after she got into difficulty. He and emergency personnel administered CPR on shore.

The woman was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital by emergency services and subsequently pronounced dead.


  1. My regards to the family ,
    and may she RIP .
    But the 6th water related fatality so far this year, says that I think that something is really wrong . I don’t remember when the count had ever got that high for the entire year .
    The Judge had spoken about the needs for this issue to be addressed, what happened to that discussion , did that go in one ear and out the other ?

    Come on people let’s start a discussion about fixing this issue, and provide a safer destination for the VISITORS /TOURIST who provides those dollars to our economy , and feed our families. I know that there’s a lot more that we can do to help prevent some of these tragic deaths. WE have to start and finish it .

  2. Are all, or most, of these tragedies snorkeling, or are some diving? There seem to be a great deal of these in Cayman which makes me wonder if anyone has the numbers for other islands? I do know Cayman is a diving and snorkeling Mecca so to speak so maybe Cayman has larger numbers? I don’t know but it seems like there are too many deaths to encourage me to try it that’s for sure. Also, that statement makes me wonder how many ARE first timers? So many questions so few answers. 😔

  3. Mr Monk , thanks for joining the solution to the problem , to why these tragic deaths are happening on our Islands .
    We shouldn’t be concerned about what is happening in another Country /Island , we need to see and acknowledge that we have a problem and fix it .
    With the last death of a 86 year old Gentleman in the North sound . I believe that there is many questions in that could be asked about that tragedy , that the answers to those questions could have prevented that tragedy and many more in the future .
    I know that there’s more reasons than just one’s age and health conditions is the problems .

  4. To what that could help prevent some of these tragic deaths that are happening in Cayman Islands. Is every charter boat Captain operating in the Islands ,
    Are they all qualified, experienced, and responsible and honest to ?
    Don’t tell that they are all qualified , when one runs his boat up on the iron shore .

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