In the Burger King CoEd League, the first round of the playoffs kicked off Friday night, with the teams fighting for a spot in the second round of the playoffs and the finals.

One of the more exciting games of the night was between

and the league’s sponsor, Burger King. Both teams secured a win the previous weekend to secure top standings in their divisions.

Burger King wasted no time getting points on the board as they capitalized on a long run by Tyler Lee. Garry “Peanut” Rutty battled the Popeyes defense, while calmly finding his players across the field. Tyler Lee and Betsy Smith added touchdowns and extra points to Burger King’s tally.

Popeyes however, would be equally determined to claim the win, with quarterback Lisa Malice, leading the charge. Malice, known for her calm composure, seemed to not be moved by the pressure or the closeness of the game. Marvin Gordon, Brendon Malice, Alicia Dixon and Jamaal Dell all caught touchdowns and extra points for their team.

The game ended in a nail biting 20-19 victory in favour of Popeyes. On the opposite field, Cayman Auto and Maples faced off in an energy-filled match.

For the past seven years, Cayman Auto has played as a unit in the CoEd league. “I love the fact that every year, no matter how the season ends we all come back together. We have a few new players mixed in amongst the group each year …. We’re all definitely grateful for Robbie Cribb putting the team together each year,” said Diandra Bodden.

Deandre Simpson scored three touchdowns for Maples.

Led by quarterback Robbie Cribb, Cayman Auto came into the game with momentum and the determination to not back down from the higher-seeded Maples. Cribb connected with Jamal and Jahrion Bodden, Kayla Robinson and Kara Rankine as they moved the ball down the field, however it was Bodden who caught the touchdown passes and kept his team in the game.

Maples, though challenged, managed to battle back when needed. Faced with stops by Cayman Auto’s defense, Maples’ quarterback Fabio Gall tried to keep his team composed and focused on the game. Gall scored an extra point himself and also connected with Deandre Simpson to add three touchdowns to the count.

The game ended in a 20-13 victory in favour of Maples.

Cayman Auto and Maples face off in an energy-filled game.

In the other games of the night: Greenhouse defeated ValuMed 14-7, which makes Greenhouse undefeated in all games so far; Tribe Tattoo won 21-13 over Orchid Development; Burger Shack bounced back by defeating BnP in a 42-12 win; Deloitte won 26-13 over Cayman National; Dart defeated Seafire 14-6; and Bogle Insurance won 7-0 over PD’s.

The semifinals and finals of the Burger King CoEd League are set to kick off under the lights Friday at 6:30 p.m. at the Ed Bush Field. Spectators are welcome.

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